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23:13 05/27/2016


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Dear Friends:

It's really important to include specific details when reporting an issue you're experiencing.

Who - Character Name
What - The problem you encountered
Where - Realm Name or Screenshot
When - Roughly when the issue encountered, or if an ongoing issue when it first started happening.
How - Any steps you took to reproduce the issue

Without this information, we often have to guess at what happened, or request more information from you - both of which slow down the process or lead to duplicate reports.

Finally, I thank everyone again, with your support and love. The game will get better and better.




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name name :     ( copy paste )  

problem : stuck arena 99%

LOA II  VIP 1  server 5,  i just recharge

head guild : ☜☆☞ 

i hate it 

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I thought they fixed that bug?




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