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Hi! I'm from server8 and I would like to klnow if there are any plans of merging our server with another server?

I really hope this game does not die.




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That decision is up to the devs




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There is no reason for this decision. We have about 25 active players on server 8 and we dont have cross-server battlefield/GvG. You are boring of PvE thats why you are not interesting in killing mobs in local server without PvP. You dont have PvP at all.

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You have 25 players on S8 of a game that only has 7 servers ??? ..... ahhhhh you may need to explain that in english




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Server 8 was merged some months ago with other servers S2,S15,S17,S5 and now there are 25 active players on the merged server 8. We need not the merge but we need CS activities and a compensation!

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