Kings Bounty TIPS for all players (get the most chests with ease)


10:20 05/13/2017


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Hello bruhs, it's s79.Niko again. Today I come to show you guys new tips with the event called Kings Bounty (lvl 30 can join). Firstly I want to thank to my friend Kaz who is also on my server for showing me this tip, so that I can be here and describe more.

So, instead of running around all the map to open chests, now I will show you how to open the whole map so that you can see the map widest. But the first thing I want to tell you is 4 chests refresh every 2 minutes and if you cannot open them all, those chest will disappear and new chests come up.

Next we will meet the requirements:

- The game must be played on amz website: if you play on GG or FB there is a way to switch it to amz, the link is below:

- If you don't want to switch then make sure you log in on GG/FB first then go to and the account will automatically log in.

And there is the way:

- Firstly move to this position to get the best view:

- Then press Crl + scroll the mouse to maximize the screen to 25%

- After that the screen will be maximize to be the whole map, so that you can see all the chests' position, your job right now is just go and open them. Remember there are only 4 chests every 2 minutes so if you open them all, wait for the next refresh:

- Keep finding chest until you get all 4 chests:


Very simple right? It's so much easy for whom have more than one account so that they can handle well and don't miss any chest.

Hope you guys enjoy finding keys, best wishes! Any problem occurs then it's your business 

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