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You are playing RoG and for some reason the monsters are too hard to beat in the crazy ( 3rd dungeons ) here is some ideas...

1) Run, bugger the drops... you can rerun the dungeon later, you just want to get to the end of the dungeon in time to get 3 stars.

2) Change skills and weapons..... I am a warrior but I change some skills from fire to lightening regularly as each dungeon is different, the bosses have random stats and I may not get it cleared the first time.

forget what you know about gaming, ROG allows you to try different weapons and skills..... I have a warrior, I got stuck on dungeon 18 / 3rd run for 21 attempts solo.... cos the zombies with their poison would trap me and slow me down and I would be running out of HP too fast.... so I changed my skills to chained lightening as a secondary skill, removed fire which is not effective in that area and added storm shield with a trigger rune so it would trigger if I was hit...... then I put lightening and ice arrows on my merc with penetrate... and cleared it in one run.....

Remember its about being the class you want to be, with the freedom and the need to use different skills to progress..... some players perfer solo, other players will team up.... its about personal playing style and choice.....

3) read the guides, yes they are crappy, have bad translations but they are in english and will be redone as the developers change the game so there is valuable information in them...... the final translation will be done after updates because translation is slow and time consuming so we are doing it last.....

Farming for the best equipment in the game ? well the best equipment may not be the most obvious so be careful.......

I have a set of purple boots, value of 76, level 29, not upgraded.....and 2 gem slots....... so why are they more valuable to me than gold boots, value of 129 and 4 stats ?

For a start, I can upgrade them in the blacksmith aand now they have a value of 179.....

but wait, there is more, I now am going to change the quality of the boots from purple to gold to give me a value of 192

Then I changed the stats, its a bit hard because its in chinese so I just clicked on two of the highest numbers.... and you may see the change from 76, to 1,206 which is normally a damage value but when its that high.... yummy yummy.....

I still have two sockets to be filled and here is my hardest decision

Red is for Power : atk, base damage, armour and crit damage

Green is for agility: crit, hit, dodge, penetrate

yellow is for constituation : maximun life and HP regen,

blue is for intelligence : elemental resistance, energy shield, max mana and mana regen

so do I stay with the yellow and blue or go for red and green...... looking at my character I see most of my gems are 40 value, ( diamond shape ) and 75 value is the square, I have the gems to syn to 75 value

so yes I need the energy shield and magical value up as the energy shield protects me a lot but higher combat skills chew through the mana.... so I decide to stick with blue and green gems and do some synthing

the final value is the same as the pic just above as gems do not add to the boots value......

but yes simple things like that, can make a very large difference in the game and once I finish upgrading the boots with blue stats, higher gems etc, I have changed what appeared to be junk, into very good boots, and I am happy.... it also means that my old boots went on my merc

How effective was the change ? from 12k to 20k damage.... from such a simple change

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Community Manager

Threads: 231

Posts: 1981