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If you are the royal player of Tiny Mighty, you should have own strategy that you summarize from your game experience. Don’t be stingy to share your strategy to us, you will get a participation reward and have a chance to get a lucky reward!

Participation rewards    Normal Mysterious Stone×2
Lucky reward               Normal Mysterious Stone×10

1. Correct in-game name and server are required.
2. We will select one participant with the best strategy to get the lucky reward.
3. All rewards will be sent to player’s in-game mailbox in 5 days after event ends.
4. Event deadline: November 20, 2016

Answer format:
Server: S0
Name: Test
Strategy: xxx


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Hail The OS and S58 - Basilisk (US West)

My strategy from the start till now is find ur own powerful team and keep do the daily quest and upgrade the cube gems lvl from 1 till max, for now my strategy team will be 3 matk hero and 2 patk hero and i will setup my cube more to matk bonus, armor, resist and hp plus some extra attributes like mcrit, spell pen, mp regen or hp regen. Dont forget to upgrade the hero stars as it help u to make a powerful strategy team.




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Disable the opponent's team with my heroes skills working together.




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Just Focus build ur dreamteam (5-10 heroes), not build another heroes until ur dreamteam became strong. And then focus build ur cube from beginning. Because of that, i can reach top 20 in arena at level 75 and reach top 5 at level 80 :p

And the last always ask all about the game with all GM, i always discuss about game strategy with them. They will give their secret strategy to us :p

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Server: S48
Name: Melodyne
My strategy varies depending on what precisely I am doing... but the basics are always the same. I work myself up towards three full teams. Each team should have 1 mass-healer, since there are only two of those the third team would have a lot of self healers on it. one team would be all physical, one team a mix and one team a pure magical. Since this means you will need multiple gem formations for your cube, choose one to be your main team and work on it and the gems for it's cube first. I also like having at least one mass stun special power hero, and at least one multi stun power hero per team. I tend to favor working on the mix team first as the other two teams will at least gain some benefit from it's cube formation until I have the gems high enough for their own formations. For fortifying heroes I try to fortify my team's heroes all to their first bonus before even working on getting one to its second bonus.